For weeks I have wondered what my first post on this new blog would be. An introduction of myself?, or diving right into travel and lifestyle stories?. I still haven’t figured out, however I’m glad that I’m able to write and publish anything at all.

I have had Writer’s block for 6 years. I, who used to be able to write anything and at anytime, one day tried to write and somehow that voice in my head did not speak to me. Writing became work. The one thing I enjoyed doing the most in the world became the most difficult thing for me to do. Of course, I have started many stories within the last six years, however I haven’t completed or published anything.

I’ve tried severally to figure out why and how my writer’s block came about. What took the life out of me?, was it the hassles of Medical school? (and No, I am not a doctor), was it the reality of growing up and chasing other dreams?, or did I simply stop dreaming… Letting go of all the magic and narrative power that writing gave me. It could be a combination of all of these, or the fact that I lost a writer friend of mine who used to edit my work, we met on NaijaStories, one of the places I used to publish my writing.

Now that I have mentioned NaijaStories, I feel compelled to drop links to a few of my previous writing. There’s the grown up, serious stuff here – NaijaStories. The other is of whimsical musing and rants – My Blog. Today I am taking a different path, telling a story with my life itself, Travel and Lifestyle. Occasionally, if I feel the urge to, I might post some of my stories.

Finally, here’s to lifting writers block, and to everyone who is looking for that spark, I hope we all find our magic. Mazel tov!

xox!.. Nma

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